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Find more frequently asked questions below. If you did not find the answer to your questions here on our website, send it to us through the form or through any of our communication channels. We’ll be happy to answer your message and we know it will be the beginning of a successful partnership!

Is it possible to create a website that I can feed the content myself (blog, photos and products) with no need for a developer’s help?

Yes, it is! Our projects are customized so, when what the client wants is a website that can be updated by him/herself, we develop it using an intuitive platform.

Thus, our customers are satisfied with the management system desired. And, when major difficulties arise, Sailor will always be ready to help.

Which security items do you work with to protect website data?

In all projects, the basic importance of the SSL security certificate is well exposed to the client. Because, in addition to security, the use of SSL certificate is necessary for a good result in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In addition, according to the project we use specific tools, already consolidated in the market, to protect the website from malwares and other dangers which it is exposed.

Do you do the design plan of the website? What about the Visual Identity of my website / business?

Yes! In all jobs we observe the profile of the client and his project to deliver a design that pleases him and remains aligned with other promotional materials already used by the company. 

However, if the client is seeking something more customized and the development of a new visual identity for the project, we will include this as part of the planning. We work with partner designers who follow the most varied styles allowing us to meet all tastes and styles.

Is it possible to receive information about the number of accesses, the profile of those who access them and other data about my audience?

Certainly! We integrate all of the projects that we develop with Google services such as Search Console and Analytics. That way you will always have all that basic information about your audience.

In case of more specific projects (e-commerce, apps, etc.), you will also have all the metrics necessary to understand more about your business and further improve your services or products.

Is it possible to create a link that sends messages received in the website directly to my WhatsApp?

Yes! The most basic way is through a link to a WhatsApp API that allows you to redirect your users to WhatsApp, opening it directly on your message screen.

There are also services available that allow you to synchronize your website’s chat with your WhatsApp. Thus, your user sends messages while browsing your site and you reply from wherever you are through your WhatsApp.

Is it possible to add videos to the website?

Certainly! It is possible to place a video directly on your website but having the video in the same hosting server as your website can negatively impact the page load.

What we usually advise is to host your videos on a streaming service and create a space on your website to load it. And don’t worry, there are ways to have your videos hosted by a streaming service without being publicly accessible to others seeking content in that service. Only your website’s visitors will have access.